Do Women like Body Hair?

The body hair of a man can attract a lot of attention from a female.

Hair can showcase the masculinity factor in a man. The most preferred part of a man with hair is definitely the face. A well-trimmed beard can either give a rugged or sharp look.

A lot of women have confessed that they have a thing for hairy guys. But it should be remembered that hair has to be well maintained and trimmed from time to time as an uneven growth can be big turn off.

Chest hair
A major part that showcases hair on a man is the chest. Women love to run their fingers through the smooth texture of hair.

Some people shave their armpits clean. Women on the other hand do not like clean shaven armpits on a man. They are happy with their man getting the hair trimmed out rather than clean shaven.

Clean shaven legs can be a turn off, especially if they are shaved or waxed unevenly.

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