Love of Work Vs Love of Money

What is an Ideal career for a Man?

Career of men differ accordingly as per the demand in the market, to the interests and goals of a person. There are some people who want to build their careers for the sake of money and there are some others who only work because of the the joy their job provides them. The love of work and the love of money always seem to be in conflict with one another.

Let us look into the details of how a person has to differentiate between the love of work or the money that it provides.

Love of work:

For a person who really enjoys working or the work he is doing, the joy which the job satisfaction provides can be incomparable. People who really enjoy the work they are doing seem to have a better and a relaxed sort of living. The joy that the work provides can fill a person with the benefits which the hard cash cannot provide.

The next thing that has to be discussed is that of money:

Most of the people who work for money lose of on simple joys of life. They make enough money whatsoever but in the long run they get into something known as the mid life crisis.

What is meant by Mid Life Crisis?

Mid Life Crisis refers to a situation in which a person feels he has lived the entire part of his life at the ripe age of 30 or 40. He is able to learn more than the most, but is unable to enjoy the simple joys of life. It is a type of crisis which most of the workaholics or the money minded people go through.

What kind of job a person prefers is entirely his choice. But, it is about your personal interest when compared to that of a market demand. Having a job satisfaction in life can be a something which cannot be compensated for anything.

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