How to Look Great on the First Date?

Yeah, you feel very exited about the first date and you want to look the best. But what are the precautions that are to be taken for gearing up for the first date.

Here are some tips for people who want to look great on the first date:

Don’t be too formal:

Some people dress up for the date as though they are going to the office. It can be a big put down, it can spoil the mood set for romance. A person must choose according the mood he has for the date. Being too formal for the date may not be as interesting for a woman. Rather a semi causal or a casual with can match your skin tone can carry a better impression.

The next most important thing to be taken care of is hair.

Hair care:

The way you keep your hair for the date plays an important factor in looking good. Go for a head bath and organise the hair with a good serum. Some people prefer to go with a messy hair style. Which can be a turn off for some woman as it showcases that you have not paid enough attention in grooming yourself.


If you have sometime to research on the thing that makes the most impression on a women you would be suprised to know that it is the shoes of man.

A good pair of shoes, preferable a leather ones with a rugged look can give you the macho image. It is better to go for leather shoes rather than a canvas or sport ones.

Smell good:

This is the last and undoubtedly the thing you should pay attention to. A man who can smell divine adds a lot of impression on a woman. It is very necessary to use a perfume or a fragrance you feel comfortable in.

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