How Good is a Live-in Relation before Marriage?

Most of couples who are in a relation prefer going for a live-in relation before getting married. How beneficial is a live-in relation before marriage? May differ from person to person.

Let us find out more details of what are the pro’s and con’s of a live-in relation.

The adventure of a married relation falls lower:

Live-in relation is a good way of knowing whether you can be compatible together as a husband and wife. But sometimes men do not want to take up the responsibility of a marriage. They can prolong the duration of a live-in relation unnecessary for the fear of getting married.

And in case the couple end up getting married it can be of lower excitement comparatively for they have already spent most of the time in knowing each other. A marriage can be just a formality for some people.

A living relation can give better freedom:

The tag of marriage is absent in a living relation. Men find their women supportive enough for doing well in their career prospects. Men have their women who will take care of them without the tag of marriage and women have their men who can give them enough support and encouragement to do well for themselves too.

This is done by a mutual understanding between the couples.

It is easier to move out when things do not work:

If things begin to fall apart it is easier for the couple to make a decision to move out of a relation where as a marriage can have many constraints attached to it in case you want to call it quits.

Lesser choice of commitment:

A live-in relation may carry a lower chance of commitment. A couple can move out of each other if things do not work well. Whereas a marriage has a higher chance of commitment when compared to a live-in relation.

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