How to know Whether your Wife is Cheating on you?

Infidelity is becoming a common problem in the system of marriage. If you are one among the men unable to decide whether your wife is cheating on you, here are some ways which can show case whether your wife is unfaithful.

If she is on calls at odd times:

One of the important factors that can show about your wife cheating on you is spending a lot of time on the phone specially at odd times. These calls can be specific or even go on endlessly. Keep a check on the phone calls to get a better idea about it.

If she doesn’t co-operate in bed:

Women when they are having an affair outside the marriage, may tend to show less amount of passion in bed. The passion they had before can slowly vanish with time. Although she may lose the sexual drive, but when having an affair out of their marriage women may lose some of the aspect of passion in bed.

If she gives lame excuses:

One of the ways in which women try to hide in case they are cheating is by giving lame excuses to their man. These excuses can be for whatever reasons but still they can be as silly as you can imagine them to be.

If she does not move around with you:

In case your wife is cheating on you, she might give endless number of excuses for not going to parties with you or any other social gathering. If she is trying to postpone any engagements you have scheduled from time to time it can be a sign of an infidelity.

These can be considered as signs of infidelity, but not all of them can hold true for every case. One has to be really sure about the steps one has to take for knowing the true status of a relation.

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