Are you Planning for a Divorce? – Last chances for saving a marriage

There are lot of factors that contribute to the dismantling of a marriage. But how valid are these factors in separating from the person who to vowed to stand by you through the toughest of times?

Let us look into some of the factors that can be rectified by taking some steps before going for a divorce:

Loss of feelings:

Yes, one of the major factor for people top go for a divorce in the aspect of marriage is the loss of feelings towards each other. The loss of feelings are bound to rise up in any relation. Feelings can play a spoil sport at some point of time in a relation or the other.

One has to remember that feelings always change, from the stage of having no more feelings for each other one can get to a stage where they can be revived back. One can try ways to retrieve trhe lost feelings before calls it quits and going for the divorce.

How does one Revive the Feelings lost in a Marriage?

It all starts by giving each other another chance to start over again. Husbands have to play the pivotal role in wining the love and the feelings of their beloved wife back. It is a matter of winning the trust and the faith back. Once the faith is a relationship is established back the thoughts about the divorce can be left alone.

Lower the Expectations:

The next major factor that can cause a breakage to marriage is expectations. Having an unreasonable amount of expectations on each other can often lead to disappointment. It is human to err, not all humans have the divine ability to fulfil the expectations. One has to let go of any expectation one has. It can cause unnecessary hindrance in a relation.

It may be hard to let go of the expectations all at once. But it can be released away slowly from time to time. Lower your expectations on each other, give the other person in your life some space and time to grow.


The final aspect of any relation or for the aspect of marriage to sustain is by practising or by learning the art of forgiveness. By exercising the art of forgiveness one can keep most of the unnecessary troubles and problems at bay.

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