Tips for having better head of hair

Hair is one of the most important grooming prospects in a man. A good head of hair can help in building a better personality and confidence of a person. But all persons are blessed with a great head of hair, the reasosns may vary from the genetic factors to the levels of stress a person has to undergo in day to day life.

But if a person can take care of some of the important things from diet to exercising it can certainly help in improving the condition of hair to a large extent.

Here are some of methods and tips when followed can give you a better head of hair:

Diet plays a major role in building the muscles and also for having a good head of hair. The major aspect of diet is protein. Hair is largely made of protein. Taking good amount of protein in the diet we have everyday can help having a good head of hair.

There are many oils available in the market which promise you in having a regrowth of hair. But this aspect may noy be entirley true although there are some oils in the market specially herbal oils which can help in controlling the hair loss and also in improving the condition of hair.

One can get hold of a suitable oil prescriubed by a doctor and apply it regularly in order to get better results.


it play the major role in getting the hair back. A good amount of circulation to the brain ensures a healthy hair. When proper amount is not supplied to the hair due to vcarious reasons such as stress or laziness the hair may lose the shine and suppleness.

One of the best ways to massage the head is by using the finger tips, massage the entire scalp using the finger tips in circular movements.


The best way to beat the stress levels in a person is by taking ample amount of rest. Having a sound sleep in the night can cut the levels of stress to a large extent. Sleep plays an important role for the brain to receive ample amount of blood circulation thorough out the night.

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