How to prevent a cardiac arrest in men?

Cardiac arrest is a prevelant condition for men who have crossed over 40. there are many reasons which may cause a cardiac arrest in men. It can be related from the stress levels to the unhealthy food habits of a person.

Let us look into the major factors for the cause of a cardiac arrest and how can one prevent them :

The first and the foremost reason for the cause of a heart attack is obesity or fat storage:

Cardiac arrest is a condition that is caused due to the insufficient supply of blood to the heart. One of the reasons for the it is due to the blockage of the arteries. This blockage is caused due to the storage of fat on the walls of the arteries.

The higher the levels of fat present in the body the greater is the chance of getting into a cardiac arrest.

And one of the biggest reasons that causes fat in the body is the unhealthy junk food. By cutting down eating the junk food outisde one can preventb the chance of getting into a cardiac arrest to a large extent.


Although exercising can be taken in a wide meaning. Even a simple exercise such as walking everyday can lower the chances of getting a cardiac arrest. One has to have sufficient amount of physical exercising everyday. It helps in the body to have a good amount of blood circulation. It also helps in opening out any blockages present in the arteries.

Be happy enjoy life:

Living a life with lot of constrcitions can increase the levels of pressure on the heart. The stress and strain in day to day life can contract the arteries and the veins. This can lead to an insufficient amount of blood supply to the heart. Where as living a life in a relaxed and a happy way can help in expanding the arteires which help in a better supply of blood to the heart.

So be cheerful and happy, it keeps the heartattacks at bay.

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