Do Women like the Bad Guys?

There is this myth which goes onto say that women prefer the bad guys over the good ones. But how true is it?

Yes, some women have a penchant for the bad guys. The bad guys always have some element of mystery added to them. They have a better chance catching the attention of the females. The wilder a person is the more interest he can generate in a girl.

Although most of the women prefer to spend time with these bad guys but on the long run women would always want to settle with a nice guy whose financially sound.

Bad guys can be a lot of fun to hang out with or just to play around. But in the long run women choose a ideal man whose much more softer and good.

Why is that Women get attracted to the Bad Guys?

Women get attracted to the bad guys for the element of surprise they can get into the life of a woman. Mostly bad guys do not follow any set of rules. They tend to live life in their own terms. This can have a lot of appeal on a women.

Women at sometime or the other in their lives would always want to freak out. Though they may not be expressive of their desire, it can only burst out of them when they meet the wilder guys.

But it is often for a period of time. Once they are done with the freaking out, they would want to get on with the normal part of their life.

For a man to be an ideal lover it has be a balance of the wilder side and the good side of him. An alternation between both the sides from time to time can help him in keeping the women interested in him.

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