Some truths about doping and drugs

The availability of drugs in today’s world is increasing day by day. Mostly the young teens, specially due to the freedom they possess are bound to do their experiments with drugs.

What starts as a fun can become into a deep addiction which a person can hardly recover from. These drugs can have fatal side effects on the entire system of the body and the mind. The state of highness of ecstasy lasts only for a minutes making a person to be in a state of semi consciousness.

Once the effect of the drug is down a person gets back to the state of misery. One of the biggest problems of the drug users is the addiction they get towards the state of bliss. They get so used to the feeling that any other feeling can make them feel miserable.

Some of the side effects of drugs can be outlined in the following way:

  • They may cause unnecessary irritations in an individual.
  • They may react to a simple problem in blown out proportions.
  • They may get deprived of sleep.
  • They can lose in touch with their sensations and feelings.
  • They can develop the feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • There are a lot of suicidal tendencies shown by people who often take drugs.

How to get De-addicted?

Do you know that the feelings of ecstasy one experiences by taking drugs is also experience by people who meditate. And it is also that the ecstasy one experiences during the state of meditation can also last a life time. The duration of ecstasy one experiences during sessions of meditations can last anywhere from an hour to 6 hours.

It all depends on how deep one can go in meditation. This state of ecstasy can take time and cannot be attained instantly.

If one wants to break the habit of drug abuse the best way is to consult a doctors and turn towards methods of self control such as yoga and mediation that can help for the good.

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