How to date a co-worker you are attracted to?

Mixing business with pleasure is not an uncommon thing we come across in today’s world. There are many beautiful girls in the office and you find yourself getting attracted to one of them. In case you want to ask her out, here are some of the ways of how to date a co-worker you are attracted to.

Having a girlfriend in the office can help in easing at least some part of the office stress. But relations in an office can be very fragile and have to be handled very carefully. Firstly it depends on the man to make the right choice of the girl and then make the moves.

The most important factor in dating a girl or attracting her to you is to create a good impression on her.

Create a good impression

The first impressions are said to be the best impressions. If you to ask the hot girl in your office out make sure you create a good impression on her.

Be good at your work:

It is a well known fact that the girls do not get impressed with the losers. If you want to make a good impression on her so much that it makes it impossible for her to say no to you then be good at your work.

Wait for right moment:

Do not rush into the things instead let the things happen in a flow or atleast wait for the right moment. When you talk to her it must look as natural as possible.

Secretly try to know her interests:

Yeah, that can be a lot of help by knowing the secrets of her can be a big boom in asking her out. Know whether she like watching movies or likes just chilling out by a lake. Make her an offer which she cannot simply resist.

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