Common problems in Relationships

Most of the relationships a person has in his life have a common set of problems related to them. These problems have to be dealt very carefully before they blow a relationship out of proportions.

A relation may not be a smooth ride everyday. There are bound to be rocks at some place or the other. It is important for a person to deal with these blocks carefully before they put you off to ground.

What are the Common problems that stand in a Relationship?

The basic problem or the trouble in a relation is the battle between the ego.

  • Ego:

  • Ego may not be a visible factor in the day to day relation one has. But at some point of time or the other it is bound to create the highest amount of trouble in a relation. Ego always breeds and effects a person from the inside. And when the feelings of hatred or the jealousy are at the peak they are bound to create an imbalance in a relation.

  • Misunderstanding:

  • Sometimes people may say things in a different way which we can fail to understand. These things can always create a heap of misunderstanding between people. This is manly caused due the misinterpretation or wrong interpretation of things said.

  • Communication gap or silence:

  • Sometimes a relation can get into a stage where there is a loss for words. A silence can be a relationship killer specially when it has no meaning attached to it. The lack of words between persons can create a mishap between people.

  • Constant criticism:

  • Criticism can have a lot of negative impact on any relation. Some people can be so used to criticising of others that they can end up on a constant criticism spree. It is one of highest factors that can put breaks on any serious relations.

  • Unreasonable expectations:

  • Having high expectations on each other can lead to a turmoil in a relation. one as to lower one’s expectations on one other in order to have a better relationship status.

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