Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

There is myth about nice guys which says that nice guys always finish last. A lot of people due to their naiveness may lose out on important things in life. However the things which they tend to lose can get only bigger and bigger with time. Though being good always has its rewards, a person has to be careful, not to let others take an advantage of it.

Why do Nice Guys Finish last or lose out on Precious things of Life?

They can be some people who suffer a lot due to their excessive naiveness. Although one cannot change one’s character or nature, but they can certainly try to avoid exercising their goodness from time to time. Some people can look to take an advantage of people who are soft spoken. One has to avoid such people at any cost.

Here are certain guidelines presented which can help the nice guys and the naive guys to emerge out as winners:

Concentrate on Effective work

Nice guys may be exploited when it comes to relationships, but at work they can emerge as the winners. A person good at his work has a greater chance of emerging out as a winner. One can use one’s potential to improve the quality of work rather than putting the energies on worthless issues.

Maintain Personal Circle

They may be a few people who are able to respect the naivety or the goodness in you. One can keep a close personal circle with these people. These people have a value for the person you are, they can also be protective about you from any harmful situations and people.

Avoid People who take Advantage of You

Yeah, it is always you who give them a chance in taking an advantage of you. The initial liberty given forms the stepping stone for taking a higher advantage of you. One must be very careful of people during the initial stages and avoid giving them any liberty whatsoever. Staying away from people who take an advantage is one of the best ways to emerge out as a winner.

Nice guys always have their reward. But one must be patient and not lose hope till one’s rewards make it to a reality.

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