What are Women Insecure About?

Women can get insecure about many a thing. They might not really be expressive about their insecurities but men must not leave any chance of getting to know about their insecurities.

The reasons for insecurities in a woman may be suspicions. These may not exist for a reality, they just happen in the mind of a woman. Hence, a man can help to make a woman secure just by discuss some issues with her. These discussions can help a woman overcome her insecurities to a large extent.

Here are Some of the Reasons which can make a Woman Insecure:

  • You may Not call her after the Date:

  • Women are always anxious on their first date with a man. Firstly, for the after affects of the date. They are anxious or insecure about whether the guy gives them a call after the first date.

  • That you are in a relation just to exploit her:

  • It hard to believe but women often think that, they may have thoughts that a person is in a relationship with them just to exploit them. Though it may seem surreal but women can sometimes ponder over it.

  • That you are having an affair:

  • Women no matter how much you are expressive of your love to them can be suspicious of you. They can tend to keep a check on your calls list to know about every women you are talking too. This is one of the highest insecurities they can harbour in their hearts.

  • She wants to be interesting:

  • Women never ever would want their men to get bored of them. They can and will do everything to keep their men interested inn them. One of the reasons why women want to be interesting is for the fear that their men might leave them for more interesting women. A woman can never risk her man to get bored of her.

  • She is not attractive:

  • Women can get a sense of value and security by their looks. Sometimes a woman might feel insecure about her looks, she wants her man to be lucky and proud of having her in his life. And when women are not so confident about their looks, they can often feel insecure about it.

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