How Animalistic is Your Love?

The wild love between people can be compared to that of the animal love. The type of love a man has can be compared to that of animals. The relation between the love and the animals is established between the nature of each, here are the types of love and the animals which represent them.

The types of Animalistic forms of love can be outlined as follows:

Animalistic love of Rabbits- Rabbit lover:

These kind of lovers are always in a hurry, they want things to happen in an instant of time. They might be falling low on patience levels. The rabbit love can be a love high on energy but highly unstable.

Animalistic love of Turtle- Turtle lover:

These type of lovers are always laid back. They are never in a hurry to do anything. There are high of the levels of patience but can get bored very easily. They prefer to take thing as easily as possible and chose to keep their reactive levels low.

Animalistic love of the Teddy bear- Teddy bear lovers:

These kind of lovers are usually very affectionate, they are lovable and also loved. But sometimes these lovers can shower excessive amount of love on their beloved which can be too endearing. These kind of lovers enjoy the sensation of touch and really enjoy being hugged. Hence they are called as the teddy bear lovers.

Animalistic love of the Stallion – Stallion lover:

The stallion lovers and very stable, full of energy and power. Sometimes these qualities in them can make them very arrogant. They may tend to be self obsessive and can be least bothered about the feelings in the other person. They can be generally handsome and very attractive to women which can make them irresistible.

Animalistic love of the Unicorn- Unicorn lovers:

These kind of lovers make up to be the perfect lovers on earth. They have all the qualities in them which can make them the perfect lovers. They have the right amount of aggression, passion and speed when it comes to love. They can be like a dream lover for any woman.

Here are some of the types and kinds of animalistic love. One can relate themselves to these types of love in order to know which animal represents them in love.

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