Strange Things Which Women Find Hot

Men sometimes go around trying the weirdest kinds of things that can make them look attractive to women. The 6- pack abs or the rippling muscles are not the only things that work to attract women; there are some weird or strange things that women find hot. Women can have a variety of tastes or choices, men can try to hone in on them in order to attract the right woman for them.

Here are some of the strange things that women find really sexy. These simple accessories or choices can make a man go the extra mile in attracting the right woman.

Some strange things that women find sexy can be outlined as follows:

Not many men are aware of this, but women find eyeglasses on men really hot. It is just not about the geek who wears eyeglasses; there are many people who may think that the aspect of eyeglasses can spoil their looks. Eyeglasses can add a sense of personality and intelligence to an individual.
They can add a sense of charm to the facial value of a man. And women find men with glasses incredibly hot, so one can carry one’s glasses with a sense that they can better attract women.

The next thing that women find hot are scars. Scars on men can give them a rugged look which many women find sexy. Women prefer their men to look as rough and as masculine as possible. And scars can add the masculine touch to the personality. In case a man is bothered about the scars on his face, relax, it is working in attracting the women for you.

The next aspect which women find hot is sweat. The sweat of a man can pump the adrenalin rush in a woman. Women are generally fond of sports stars, and they find them really hot when they are sweating it out playing. Women like to watch men working out as well, they find the workout of men really hot to watch.

Grey Hair:
Men keep trying different hair colors on their hair. But the good news is that women find grey hair in men very hot. The grey hair of a person can help him look really mature which can be appealing to a woman. Grey hair on a man can also make him look hot to a woman. Grey hair never does that for the female.

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