Top 5 Stupid things Men do To Impress Women

Men can get a good sense of self-value when they find success in impressing a woman. But, sometimes men can get too far ahead or just carried away which can look stupid. Some of the most stupid things which can backfire in impressing a woman can be outlined as follows:

The 5 stupid things Men do to Impress Women are:

  • Acting Way too Nice:

  • Men can have a pre-notion that being nice with women gives a good impression. But, the opposite holds true. Women want their men to maintain their individuality at any cost.

    A man who always behaves too naive, irrespective of the situation can only carry the impression of a loser. Hence, it is important for a man to be himself rather than acting way too naive to impress a girl.

  • Buying too many gifts for her:

  • No matter how women may appear to be, they can be aware or observant of everything you do. Some men tend to shower their girls with too many gifts. This can only be a turn off. Women do love the aspects of gifts but when the occasions are right. Showering the gifts irrespective of occasions can only be a turn off to any woman.

  • Taking her Permission every time you want to make a Decision:

  • Men may think that taking the permission or approval of their beloved in taking any decision can be impressive. But, women may not be as appreciate of these things as men think they do.

    Women want their men to make their own decisions in most of the things, this gives a man better impression on women. A man in order to carry a better impression must make his own decisions rather than taking the approval of his beloved for everything.

  • Getting too touchy:

  • Some women can hate men who tend to be too touchy. Women have to be given their personal space. Not all women can be appreciative of men who can be too touchy. Unless and until a woman is well acquainted with you, it is better to keep a distance or give her the space.

  • Listen way too intently:

  • Men to impress women can carry on with the habit of listening way too intently. Listening can be a good quality in a man. But, some men can go overboard with this habit. This can sometimes make a woman really bored . A man must speak and not just make listening as the only quality available in him.

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