Art of Flattery for Men

Significance of Flattery:

One of the best weapons available to win the heart of any woman is flattery. A man who is well versed in the art of flattery can be a big hit with any woman.

Not all men know about the best ways to flatter a woman, they might sometimes make it too artificial to believe in. But, these compliments or the lines of flattery when used properly can hit the right chords of a woman’s heart.

Here are some of the tips and techniques which can help a person to master the art of flattery and be a hit with the women. One has to exercise the art of flattery enough to master it. Just mouthing the words will not be enough as one has to make it appropriate for the situation as well.

The Rules and Regulations for Mastering the Art of Flattery are outlined as follows:

  • Observe Carefully before Complimenting:

  • One has to carefully observe the type of woman one is speaking to. There may be some women who are sporting of compliments and there may be some other women who can find it intimidating.

    One has to carefully observe the woman before he makes any move about complimenting her looks or the way she is smelling divine. Compliments are all about giving to the right persons. One has to be careful about using the right compliments with the right people.

  • Do not Stretch too much:

  • One has to maintain the compliments short and sweet. Some people can tend to get into the details of the compliments. Stretching them too much only spoils the sweetness of it. A person must keep his compliments brief and apt. Trying to stretch the compliments can only spoil the effectiveness of it.

  • Do not show off how good you are with words:

  • Some people can try to show off their language skills or their skill with words. This must be avoided at any cost. One must not get carried away with words and must concentrate on the persons they are complimenting. It must be about the girl and not about how good one is with words.

  • Flattery can also be non verbal:

  • It is not necessary that a person has to compliment the girl through words. Just by paying enough attention to the girl can also be a sign of flattery.

    Showing her that you are enjoying her presence or companionship can also make a woman feel good about herself. It is not about the words, it is about the way you make her feel.

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