How to Look the Best for a Date?

The looks or the appearance of a person can be of the highest importance for a date. There can be many misconceptions among people about way they have to look for a date. Whether one has to go completely formal look or go for a casual look? All the answers for these questions are can be found right here.

Here are some of the time tested tips for looking the best on a date:

Tips about Clothing:

What are the best clothes one can have for a date? whether it is casual or formal it is about wearing the clothes which suit the mood of a person. The clothes must also go along with the place one is planning for a date. If the place for a date is a cordial one it is better to for a casual look with the jeans and a T-shirt.

Tips about Hair style:

One must always keep their hair well trimmed for their date. Some people can leave their hair lose which can only make a person to look shabby or too lazy to keep his hair neat. One can use a good hair serum to keep the hair well maitained and clean.

About choosing a perfume:

One has to smell good for a date. It is about choosing the right perfume which can set the moods rolling. One must also take care of not using too strong scent with can be a put off. It is better to choose a perfume which is lighter and has a soothing essence.


Woman can give the highest of the importance to the shoes of a man. Believe it or not woman tend to give the highest of the score to the shoes of man. One must choose the perfect shoes which can go along with the dressing style of a person. A leather shoes can look more elegant in a formal as well as a causal look.

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