How to be a Leader?

How to be a Leader?

What makes a leader? What are the qualities which can transform any person into a leader? There is a constant need of leaders every where, it can be at the office or it can be in a community. There is a requirement for a leader to raise a voice to the crowd which is following him.

The need for leaders is increasing day by day. The right leaders always carry a scope for improving the justice in the society. The qualities which can make a person to be a leader can be outlined as follows:

Here are some of the qualities which can make a Leader:

  • Learning Spirit:

  • The most important quality of a leader is to be able to learn and adapt himself to the environment he is in. A leader cannot flourish if he shows a lot of resistance to the environment he is in. One has to adapt himself to the environment and learn to grow accordingly. This also known as the learning spirit which makes a leader.

  • Must have a way with People:

  • A leader has to be a favorite in the crowd. He must be a crowd puller. He must be able to connect with the people very well. A leader must always be with the people and one among them. This can help people to establish a better connection with the leader.

  • A Leader must be a Good Orator:

  • A leader must have the strength to move the entire crowd with his speech. Most of the leaders of the past were very profound orators who could win the trust of their people with speeches and orations.

  • Must be willing to Take Risks:

  • A leader must never play safe. A leader must stand up to take risks for the benefit of the people. Taking risks is about going the extra mile in doing any task.

  • Never say die Attitude:

  • A leader must never give up. There are a lot of leaders who have faced extreme calamities and failures during the initial days and they could jump back to be one of the best leaders of all time.

    Some of the best leaders of all time:

    • M.K Gandhi.
    • Napoleon.
    • Nelson Mandela.
    • Martin Luther King jr

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