Top 5 Physical Attributes Women Want in their Men

Physical attraction is undoubtedly one of the major factors in attracting women. What are the major physical attributes that women want in men? Or is it mostly about the tall, dark and handsome men who women prefer to date.

Here are the Top 5 Physical Attributes which Women Want in their Men:

  1. A Handsome Face:
    The face can have the highest amount of attraction. A good jaw line with a nice smile can make a woman swoon about your looks. What defines a handsome face? It can be mostly about keeping the right hair style and also about maintaining facial hair that looks neat and trim.
  2. Sense of Style:
    The sense of style in a man is mostly about the way he carries himself. This is one of the major aspects of the personality in a man. The sense of style and presentation can form the most important aspect when it comes to attracting women.
  3. Muscular Build:
    The rippling and the bulging muscles of men can certainly make a woman weak in the knees. The muscular build in a man adds an immense amount of physical appeal and attraction. The biceps score high points with women as they are easily noticeable and they can also show how much pumping of iron a man is doing. Being physical fit is never a bad thing.
  4. Height:
    Although it is the most coveted thing, the height of a man does play a role in attracting women. It is not necessary that one has to be really tall. A correct posture can help a man to look tall and erect.
  5. Fitness:
    A fit man has a higher chance of impressing women in many ways. Fitness may not be completely about the muscular build. It is mostly about stamina and the endurance a man shows. A better fitness level in a man can increase his physical attributes for attracting women.

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