What do Women Dislike About Men?

What are the things that Women dislike about Men?

Men can go about impressing a woman unaware of certain things which tend to irritate them. Women can be very sensitive and particular about a few things in life and men must be careful about not crossing their limits.

If men can take care about certain aspects which women dislike in them they are sure to score better points with them. There are certain things which can irritate a woman. Here, are some of the things which women complain that they dislike in men.

Some of the things which Women Dislike About Men are outlined as follows:

  • Being Too Conscious about their Looks:

  • Women may not be so appreciative of men who are too conscious about the way they look. A woman prefers a man who is confident about the way he looks and is not too self conscious about it. And women do not prefer their men to ask them about the way they are looking.

  • Men who wear too much of Jewellery:

  • Women do not prefer that their men wear too much of jewellery. There can be some men who are fond of wearing some ornaments. But sometimes these things may not give a good impression on women.

  • Constant Whining and Complaining:

  • Some men can crib about a lot of things and women may not find these men as interesting. Women prefer their men to take charge of any situation rather than complain about it.

  • Men who get Irritated quite Often:

  • Women want their men to keep their cool most of the time. There are some men who may get irritated or annoyed towards the most silliest of things. Women can get turned off by men who get annoyed for nothing. Instead they prefer men who are calm and least reactive most of the time.

    These are some of the things that women dislike about men. If a person can take care of these things he is bound to have a better rapport and understanding with women.

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