Are Men Sensitive by Nature?

Women are supposed to be the sensitive beings. But, men today seem to be vulnerable and sensitive about many things in life. Some men may be suppressive of their sensitive nature. But, it does not make them feel an insensitive being.

Why do Men Suppress their Sensitive Nature?

It was always defined that men or the masculine gender are supposed to the stronger ones who do not get hurt. Sometimes, this pre-notion makes a man suppressive of his sensitive side. Every man has a masculine and a feminine nature in him. But, mostly the masculine nature is dominant in them.

The feminine nature in a man is of a lower level. But, in some men the feminine nature can be of a high level making them vulnerable to many things.

How should Men manage their Sensitive feelings?

Most of the cases of depression are reported to be in men. One of the reasons why men are prone to depression is due to their constant suppression of feelings. The more a person suppresses his sensitive feelings the more prone he is to depression.

Here are some of the ways in which a man can take care of his sensitive nature:

One must Accept one’s Sensitive side:

Men must be aware of their sensitive side and accept their vulnerability or sensitivity. Most of the troubles in a person are caused due to the suppression of their sensitive feelings. By accepting and recognizing his sensitive side, a person can find it much easier to manage his sensitive nature.

Do not Hesitate to Cry:

Men can stop themselves from crying many a time. This can result in a lot of emotional turmoil. Men must let it out by the process of crying whenever they can. Crying can help a person to release most of the emotions and feelings that are suppressed within them.

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