How to Improve One’s Resistance Levels?

How to Improve One’s Resistance Levels?

A good resistance levels are very important for a person to enjoy a healthy body and mind. There are some people who are born with a good amount of resistance levels in them. Whereas, there are some people who have weak resistance level and are prone to a lot of diseases and health ailments.

Sometimes, these people are get infected very easily. These people are affected by some of the common health condition or ailments such as cold, cough and flu. These health conditions always affect the people show a low level of resistance. In order to avoid getting affected or infected by such viruses, one has to take measures of improving one’s resistance level.

Here are Some Ways in which an Individual can Improve his Resistance Level


One of the best sources of improving the resistance level in an individual is vitamin-C. Vitamin-C is available in plenty in most of the citrus fruits. One must make sure to take plenty of vitamin-C every day for enjoying a improving one’s resistance levels.


The next important factor for an individual to improve his resistance level is to take up exercising. By keeping the body warm an individual can improve his level of resistance. By exercising constantly everyday an individual and stay fit and also strengthen his immune system.

Vitamin Supplements

There are a lot of vitamin supplements available in the market today. A person who is missing out on providing his body with essential nutrients and vitamins every day, can make use of vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements are available in the form of capsules, tonics or in powered form which has to be missed with water and taken.

Plenty of Sunlight

Sunshine or sunlight is also a good source of improving one’s resistance levels. Sunlight is a rcih source of vitamin-D. The rays of the sun also have the power to destroy most of the viruses present in an individual. One can expose themselves to plenty of sunlight early morning to improve one’s resistance level.

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