Common Complexes Men Go Through

Men can go through a variety of disorders or complexes in the early part of their life. These Complexes when they are not treated or rectified properly can create a lot of psychological imbalance in day to day life. Hence, it is important for a man to correct most of the complexes he is facing in order to live life in full.

What are the Common Complexes in Men?

Some of the common complexes that men go through can be outlined as follows:

  • Ego complex:

  • This can one of the major complexities in men which can create a lot of turmoil in life. The ego complex in a man can make them lose a lot of precious things and opportunities in life. In order to overcome the ego complex, a man must learn to humble himself before others.

    Ego can have the power to destroy many relationships either at home or at the work place. Hence, a Men suffering from an ego complex must learn the art of humility and humbleness in order to over come it.

  • Inferiority Complex:

  • The inferiority complex in an individual is caused mainly due to low levels of confidence. People who are having a low level of confidence can often feel themselves to be inferior to others. This complex can be eliminated when a person starts to believe in himself and his abilities.

    Every human is said to be possessed with infinite potential. One can unlock one’s potential by believing in himself and his abilities.

  • Superiority Complex:

  • Some people may think a superiority complex can be a sign of power. But, the opposite holds true. People who are suffering from an inferiority complex are generally devoid of self value or self esteem. They tend to get their self value only by comparing themselves with others.

    They may live their life only by comparing themselves with others constantly. The only way to beat this complex in to stop the process of comparison and to lean to treat others with respect and value. By treating all people as equals one can lose the habit of superiority complex.

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