How Important are Looks in Attracting a Woman?

Men often believe women prefer guys who are extremely good looking. But this is not true. Women do give a prominence to the looks of a man, but there are many other factors which can help a man to attract women.

What is the importance of looks?
Looks can undoubtedly draw some attention from the female gender. But, a man, in order to sustain a woman’s attention, must have a charming personality. It is mostly the confidence of a man that a woman finds herself attracted to.

What are women looking for in a man?
Here are some of the qualities that women look for:

Irrespective of looks, a woman wants her man to be self-dependent. A self-made or a self-reliant man is always of interest to a woman.

If a man has these characteristics as mentioned above, then looks can be of the least prominence in the eyes of a woman. As men are fond of the femininity of a woman, women are fond of masculinity in men – a concept that dates back to ancient times. It was only the bravest of men who could succeed in winning the hand of the most beautiful women. It was courage and chivalry that women traditionally found appealing.

Sensitive towards the feelings of a woman
Women also prefer guys who are sensitive to the feelings of a woman. A man who is conscious of the emotions and feelings of a woman will always be appealing.

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