Phone Etiquette in Talking to Women

Phone Etiquette in Talking to Women:

A lot of women spend most of their time in talking over phone. Some of them tend to bond better over talking on phone. A man must be very careful in the way he talking to a woman. The adage of the generation is ” the way to reach a woman’s heart is through mobile”.

Here are some of the phone etiquette a man has to remember in talking to Women

Call her on Time

When you promise a girl that you will call her, give her a call. Women do not prefer waiting for your calls, in case a you are too busy to give her a call text her and tell her that. The most important phone etiquette in talking to women is to call her at the time you have promised to call her.

Never Hang up on a Call

The next important etiquette a man must remember in talking to a woman is to never cut the call or hang up. Women can get de-valued when a man cuts her call or hangs up on her. Even if there is an emergency or an urgent work wait for her to cut the call before you do. Women tend to love it when her man waits for her to cut the call.

Surprise her with text messages

Women can be fond of text messages. A man can surprise his woman with text messages when she is least expecting them. One must be careful with the aptness and the timing of the text messages. The right text message at the right time can yield to the best impression on a woman.

Sound of Laughter

The sound of laughter can be very sweet over the phone. Women can feel at ease, when her man talks to her in a pleasant and a smiling tone. These are some of the phone etiquettes a man must remember in talking to a woman.

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