Are Men with Scars More Attractive?

Some women express their fondness for men with scars. Women find men with scars as people who are brave and agile. Scars of the face of a man often represent his tough attitude, which women tend to like. Women often like to see the masculinity of men, which they interpret as rugged and tough.

Facial Scars Make a Man Stylish
Men with facial scars often tend to exude a sense of style and confidence. They seem to be comfortable in the way they are and do not try anything to unusual to attract the attention of a woman. The supreme confidence of such individual makes them a big hit with women.

Facial Scars Make a Man Look Mysterious
Women tend to agree that facial scars create an aura of mystery around a man. How did he get the scar? Was it something dangerous and sexy? Sure, the scar could be from a car accident, or it could be from saving a litter of kittens from an apartment fire, or it could be from a time when the man was incarcerated…either way, it raises a level of curiosity about the man’s background. Facial scars on a man often make him to be a mysterious man which some women find attractive.

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