Physical Love Vs Real Love

Physical Love Vs Real Love

The relationship between a man and a woman has been a subject of discussion since generations. There are a lot of people who believe that the only reason for a relationship to exist between a man and a woman is due to their physical need. There is an over exposure of physical love between a man and a woman often hindering the other factors that help in sustaining relationship between couples.

Is there Something called as Real Love?

Whether the real love exists seems to be still a myth. But, there are a lot of people who confess about the love they possess and cherish fro each other. Although it can take a test of time to be really proven. A couple must stand by each other both during the tough times and also during the happier times. Only then there is significance to the love that exists between couples.

And there are many examples of couples who have stood by each other through the thin and thick. These couples always act as an example for people to believe in true love. Many these couples are just around the corner, showing the commitment and the love they have for each other. But, these examples can sometimes make people to believe in real love.

Why is Physical Love so Powerful?

Physical love is one of human needs. But, people sometimes do take it as the essence of all love. This is mainly due to the importance an individual gives to the physical love. There are a lot of people who getting into relationships to quench their physical thirst not really considering the importance of emotions and feelings in an individual.

The Conclusion

Although few moments of pleasure leave a person often in a state of emptiness, one still strives for the physical gratification.

Sometimes, one has to look beyond the beauty of one another bodies to the beauty of one another’s heart in order to have better and more meaningful relationships. Physical love may satisfy an individual for few moments but real love is always eternal.

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