Cruel Ways Women use to Torture Men

Sometimes women can be at their cruel best. When this happens, men often face a tough time. A lot of men do not seem to understand some of the ways in which a woman can torture a man.

If a man can get an insight into the ways in which a woman can torture him, it can help him to deal with it in a better way.

Here are some of the cruel ways in which women torture their men:

  • By not Taking your Calls
    Women can often play hard to get. This is one of the ways in which women show their domination over men. During the initial stages of a relationship women tend to play the superior sex. One of the ways to do this is by not answering your calls.

    In spite of their availability, women often play hard to get by not answering calls. This can at times try a man’s patience, but it is just one of the ways women use to torture men.

  • By Making you Buy her Gifts which you Cannot Afford
    Another way in which some women can torture men is by asking for expensive gifts. A man is always happy to buy everything which his woman asks for. But, sometimes women use this as a tender way to get back at their men. When a woman asks a man to buy her the most expensive gift, one which he cannot afford, a woman may really be looking to take revenge for something or to torture her man.
  • By Refusing to Cook for you
    The next thing women use to get back at their men is refusing to cook. Women can torture men by refusing to cook for no reason. This works really well as it tortures the stomach and the palate of a man – reputed to be the way to his heart.
  • By Making a Man do the Household Chores
    The next way a woman can get back at or torture a man is by making him do household chores. Cleaning the house is important household work that has to be done. Women can make their men do this work, often in order to get back at them.

These are some of the cruel ways which women use to torture their men. Men should become conscious of the ways in which women can manipulate them.

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