What are the Best Features a Man Looks for in a Woman?

What are the Best Features a Man Looks for in a Woman?

The blue eyes, her bright smile, her wonderful hair, her luscious lips. How do men measure the best features of a woman. Sometimes, men can get carried away by the deep blue eyes of a woman. Sometimes, its her hair, the blond thick wavy hair which attracts a man.

Here are some of the best Features of a Woman which a Man Looks for

  • Eyes

  • It is undoubtedly the best feature of a woman. A lot of men tend to find the eyes of a woman the best feature. Those deep eyes can make a man forget all his sorrows and worries and feel good about himself and his life.

  • Hair

  • The next feature which a man finds attractive and best is hair. The hair of a women be it short, long, curly or wavy, men definitely find the hair of a woman highly irresistible and attractive.

  • Lips

  • The lips of a woman are by far one of her best physical attributes. Most men find the pout of a woman very attractive and irresistible. Lips are one of the first things every man notices in a woman. A woman with hot lips is definitely going to attract a lot of men to her side.

  • Chin

  • Women with a dimpled chin can be very attractive. A lot of men tend to find women who have a dimpled chin very cute. Although is hard to find women with a dimpled chin. But, a dimpled chin can make a woman look much hotter and attractive.

  • Smile

  • The last but not the least a woman with a bright smile can light up the day of a man. A lot of men prefer women who have a pleasant smile. It can sometimes make a man to feel how beautiful the world can be when a woman lights it up with her smile.

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