How Prevalent is Obesity in Men?

The current lifestyle and the eating patterns of an individual is resulting in him to put on an excessive amounts of calories. The unwanted calories taken from time to time can lead to obesity in an individual.

The statistics which show about the prevalence of obesity in men when taken in 2007 can be outlined as follows:

  • The percentage of obesity across one state was said to be around 15%-19%.
  • The percentage of obesity across 20 states was said to be around 20%-24%.
  • The percentage of obesity across 27 states was said to be around 25%-29%.
  • On an average the obesity across 3 states was said to be less than 30%.

What is the reason for the Prevalence of Obesity?

Obesity can be caused due to various factors form genetic to that of food, diet or lethargy. What ever the factors for obesity may be, if a person takes so measures and precautions the obesity in men can be certainly curtailed. A healthy lifestyle is always helpful in keeping a fit and well toned body.

People tend to put on unnecessary weight just by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. If a person can take some measures in cutting out the habits which can harm the health of an individual, the obesity in him can be eliminated for good.

Here are some of the measures men can take to Prevent and Curtail Obesity levels in them:

  • Diet


  • The first factor which must be taken care of in preventing obesity is diet. There are a lot of food which can cause a person to put on unnecessary calories, these foods must be avoided at any cost. The best foods which are to be taken are the raw and the boiled foods which can help in eliminating the toxins and also supply the right amount of nutrients and vitamins which are required.

  • Walking


  • Not all people can be fond of exercising . However, walking can be incorporated in day to day life in order burn the excessive amounts of calories. Walking can be done anywhere and any time, it is can also help to maintain the heart in a good health. One can in-corporate walking into their daily life to beat the obesity.

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