Are You Suffering from Nightmares?

Are You Suffering from Nightmares?

A lot of people today often succumb to nightmares. Due to the increase in the levels of stress, pressure and heavy work profiles, a lot of people can be subjected to nightmares. Different people are subjected to different nightmares. Some of the common nightmares a person goes through can be outlined as follows.

Some Common Nightmares in People are

  • Falling from Great Heights
  • The car going out of control
  • Being late for an exam or failing in it
  • Being in a situation where a person is paralyzed or is unable to move.
  • Drowning.
  • Being nude or naked in public.

Here we present to you an explanation about some of the common nightmares an individual goes through and what do they signify.

Explanation about Some of these Nightmares

  • Falling from Great Heights

  • This can be an indication of a person being worried about something. This can also showcase that a person may be carrying a heavy burden on himself and that he also requires a good amount of support.

  • The Car going Out of Control

  • This type of nightmare usually represents that the life of a person is out of control. It can also be a sign that the person is leading a hectic lifestyle.

  • Being Nude or Naked in public

  • This type of nightmares may represent some of embarrassing situations which a person went through. This can also represent the complexes of an individual.

  • Drowning

  • This can be a representation of the suppression of feelings or emotions in an individual. People who suppress their feelings or emotions often get the nightmares about drowning.

  • Being Stuck or unable to move

  • This type of nightmare can represent being confused or being stuck in life. This nightmare is common among people who are often confused about their life.

These nightmares often represent some feelings or situations a person went through or is going through in life. One can check one’s stress level or emotional level in order to keep these nightmares at bay.

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