10 Best Compliments for Women

When a man gives a woman a compliment, it makes her feel good about herself and appreciative of the comment. Some men think they have to come up with elaborate compliments to impress women. But the fact is that women prefer simple, truthful compliments.

The 10 Best Compliments for Women

  1. You look beautiful
    Every woman wants to look beautiful. They do not need to be compared with the moonlight or the flowers. Just the words “you look beautiful” make a woman happy.
  2. You have an amazing smile
    Women love to smile. Telling a woman she has an amazing smile is one of the best compliments you can give her; it tells her that you love to see her happy.
  3. Your hair looks great
    Women tend to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining their hair. It makes women happy when men notice and compliment their hair.
  4. Do you work out?
    Most women are conscious of their figure. This compliment makes a women feel good about her body and lets her know that you are attracted to her.
  5. I like the way your mind works
    Women want men to be appreciative of their intelligence. When you compliment a woman’s mind, it lets her know that you are not only interested in what she looks like.
  6. You are definitely the hottest in your group
    Women want to be the best looking among their group of friends. When a man compliments a woman about being the hottest in her group, it is definitely a confidence booster.
  7. You crack me up
    Women love it when a man appreciates their sense of humor. Every woman wants to know she can make her man laugh.
  8. I am having a great time
    Women want to make sure the guy they are with is having a good time. This compliment lets women know that their efforts have paid off.
  9. That is a great outfit
    Some women put a lot of thought into their outfits and they like it when men notice their efforts. Telling a woman you like her outfit also lets her know that you think she has good taste.
  10. I can talk to you all night long
    Women never want their men to get bored of them. This compliment suggests how much you love talking to her and that you would rather talk to her than do anything else.

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