Are Women Manipulative?

Are Women Manipulative?

The answer to this question may not be definitive. Women sometimes tend to be manipulative in getting their things done. One of the biggest weapon women can use to manipulate men is by being indifferent in bed. They try to attack the weaker point in men to get things done.

Why do Women have to be Manipulative?

One of the best reasons which can explain why women tend to be manipulative is because of the ego factor. Men are supposed to be the bread winners of the family. Women sometimes may choose not to lower themselves to a man to get what they want. Instead they may choose to be manipulative by attacking the weaker points in a man to get things done.

What are the ways in which Women tend to Manipulate Men?

There are several ways women use to manipulate men. Women tend to know about the weaker points in her man and often use it in attacking and manipulating men. Some of the points or ways women use in manipulating men can be outlined in the following ways

By making a Man Jealous

One of the biggest weapons women use in order to manipulate men is by making them jealous. Women often tend to praise other men or even flirt with them in order to make her man jealous. This can be one of the way to exercise their superiority and also get their work done.

Very often a man tends to fall for it. Whenever a woman is trying to make her man jealous, a man often fall for it. This is one of the ways women manipulate men.

By being Indifferent in Bed

The next factor women tend to use for manipulation is by being indifferent in bed. Women can often show disinterest in love making when they want to be manipulative. This always tends to work when a woman wants her work to be done.

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