Are You a Chair Potato?

Are You a Chair Potato?

This is actually a new term used to describe people who are accustomed to the habit of sitting passively. A lot of people today seem to be too lazy to have an active lifestyle. A lot of people prefer to sit in their chair no matter what. But. the recent studies gives us an idea of most of the negative and ill-effects sitting on the chair constantly can have.

Ill-effects of being a Chair Potato

  • The recent studies points out that the more hours a person puts into the habit of sitting, the more likely is he susceptible to dying early. This can be irrespective of his eating and exercising habits.

  • One of the ill-effects sitting passively can have is that it can hinder the proper circulation of blood. This can also effect the proper functioning of the heart, thereby making one susceptible to heart conditions and heart diseases.

  • Sitting excessively can also make a person to put on a lot of weight. It can also make a person to accumulate a lot of toxins in the body. It can make the mind of a person to be in a state of drowsiness or dullness which can make him to be unproductive at work.

What is the solution to this?

One of the best solutions to break the habit of sitting excessively is by taking frequent breaks. There are a lot of persons who have to put in a lot of hours of hard work in order to meet their targets at work. When one has to work so tirelessly, it can be effective for a person to take frequent breaks from time to time.

Taking small breaks

and going for a little walk can restore a proper amount of blood circulation throughout the body. Taking a break and walking can always be helpful in countering the strain in the body and can also help to keep the body and the heart in a good state of health.

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