How to Overcome Communication Gap in Relationships?

Communication gaps and/or grave silence can be detrimental to a relationship between two people. Many couples have difficulty in their relationships because of a failure to communicate well.

Bridging the communication gap between couples takes a lot of time and effort. Patience and a positive attitude go a long way in resolving communication issues.

How does a couple break a communication gap?
One of the major reasons for the establishment of a communication gap between couples is due to the suppression of doubts and/or feelings they have about themselves, each other, or their relationship. The causes of doubts can be many, but when a person suppresses these feelings instead of talking through them with his/her partner, it can cause serious problems in the relationship.

Even though it is uncomfortable to talk about doubts and fears, it is necessary in maintaining an honest, transparent relationship. Opening up to each other and overcoming doubt can help boost a relationship to a new level. Sometimes it is easiest to bring up doubts in normal conversation. Talking to each other often about normal things can make it easier to bring up serious issues when needed. In order to resolve communication issues, both people in the relationship need to be on board.

Here are some of the ways to bridge the communication gap:

Be humble:
In order to bridge the communication gap in a relationship, both people need to put pride aside and humble themselves. Don’t get mad or overreact if your partner brings up an issue that is important to her. Talk through the issue and come up with a good solution that satisfies both of you.

Write a note:
If it is hard to express the feelings you have for her but you would still like to communicate them to her, consider writing her a note. You can express your feelings by writing them down on paper and leaving it for her to read. Women are very touched by reading the words coming straight from the heart of a man.

Say You Love her:
Sometimes, the words “I love you” can work miracles in bridging a communication gap. Women like to hear the words “I love you” from their man especially when things are not going smoothly. A man can take the initiative to say these words and end the communication barrier between them.

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