When Must a Relationship be Called as Quits?

When Must a Relationship be Called as Quits?

There are many couples or people who are looking for reasons to call off a relationship. One must try to understand whether the reasons are apt enough to call it quits.

There may be some couples who can lose the mutual feelings and respect they have for one another. And when it becomes hard for them to revive their feelings back it can be a time to re-think about their relationship.

Sometimes, people may take a back seat in calling the relationship quits. But, here are some of the reasons when are person can call it quits of the relationship. However, it must be noted that one should deal with this matter carefully rather than take decisions based on impulses and emotions.

Some of the reasons when a Relationship must be called as Quits can be outlined as follows:

  • When you do not feel to Call Each Other:

  • One of the important ways a couple can keep in touch with each other is by calling each other frequently. When a relationship comes to state when you do not feel to call her and tell her your whereabouts,it can be a sign of interest you are losing on each other.

  • When you Do not Enjoy Each Others Presence:

  • Most of the feelings between a couple are expressed best in silence or just by their presence. When a couple have mutual feelings for each other they would definitely enjoy each others presence and company.

  • When the Feelings of Passion Fade Away:

  • Passion can be one of the major factors that binds a relationship together. The passion and the intensity in a relationship does fade away with time. There are a lot of factors which are responsible for disrupting the passion between a couple. Some couple can revive the feelings of passion back by giving each other another chance to recoup.

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