How to Enhance One’s Memory?

How to Enhance One’s Memory?

Memory training or memory enhancement can help an individual in improving his quality of life. The importance of having a good memory is reflected in many things such as the in memorizing the relevant phone numbers. In remembering the name of the new people one meets. Having a good memory can help a person to have a better quality of life.

There are many methods which can help an individual to enhance his memory. One can make use of these techniques and methods prescribed below in order to enhance his state of memory.

Some of the methods which help to enhance One’s Memory can be outlined as follows:

  • Gum:

  • A lot has been said about effects chewing gum can have on the memory of a person. Chewing gum is said to improve the levels of alertness and memory of an individual. Chewing gum is said increase the heart rate of an individual which can also increase the flow of blood to the brain.

  • Caffeine:

  • Caffeine can increase the levels of alertness and also improve the memory of an individual. There are a lot of benefits by consumption of caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to boost the short term memory of an individual. It also helps the older women in protecting them against memory loss as they age.

  • Day time Naps:

  • Every body needs some rest. Many people can develop forgetfulness due to the excessive levels of stress they undergo. By taking breaks often one can keep one’s mind in a relaxed state and also in a better condition. Taking day time naps helps a person to have a better and a sharper memory.

  • Alcohol:

  • Alcohol taken in moderation can help an individual to have a better memory. Alcohol consumption can be good for the heart and also prevent dementia. But, one has to remember to consume it in moderation and also be aware of its ill-effects when taken in larger quantities.

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