What is the Art of Happiness?

What is the Art of Happiness?

A lot of people today are in pursuit of one things called as happiness. Although, they use different means and ways to find it, they all have one common goal, happiness. Why is so hard to find happiness? Is it necessary for a man to have the best of health, wealth and beauty in order to find happiness?

There are no particular ways to be happy. Although one must remember that most of the material things available in the world can just give a fleet of real happiness. In order to find the real happiness one must get rid of all the self styled illusions which the society generates around us.

Overcoming the Whims and Fancies of the Society

Most of the people today live life according to the whims and the fancies of the society. The glamour of the society and the ever increasing demand on a person to be the best among the crowd can cause a lot of stress and emotional turmoil. This can only cause an individual to spoil his happiness.

When a person is able to overlook all the whims and fancies present in the society he is about to get the taste of real happiness. Some of the people today can lock themselves in the pursuit of name and fame. This can be an important part of life and growth. But, a person must stick to reality rather than living in delusions.

It is Mostly about Being Yourself

A person must be able to present himself just in the way he is. Happiness is mostly about being yourself, just the way you are, inside out. Sometimes, people can restrict themselves to the self-image they have on themselves or which the society gives to them.

This is one of the most dangerous things that holds the happiness in an individual. A person must choose not to compromise his happiness with any other things in the world, if he really wishes to be happy.

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