Clothes Women want Men to wear

What are the Clothes Women Want you to Wear?

There are some colors which can grab the attention of the women much faster. Men in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex have to be careful of the colors they choose to wear. Clothes maketh a Man. Women can give a lot of preference to the kind of clothes a man wears.

One must be careful and make all the right choices in wearing the clothes. Here are some of the tips that can help a man in choosing the right kind of clothes.

Some of the tips about clothes Women want Men to wear can be outlined as follows:

  • Types of colors:

  • The types of color can be very prominent in attracting attention of the women. A lot of women prefer men wearing dark or vibrant colors. Some of the colors such as red or black work much quicker in grabing the attention of the women. The darker colors can always bring out the personality of an individual. It can also help them to be much more energetic and vibrant.

  • Formals or casuals:

  • A lot of women prefer their men to wear formals rather than casuals. One must always choose to wear formals over casuals in order to impress women. Women find men wearing formals much elegant and approachable compared to the men wearing casuals. Whenever a man is going out on a date with a woman must choose wearing elegant formals to have a better impression on a woman.

  • Type of Shoes:

  • Women tend to give the highest of preference to the type of shoes a man wears. A lot of women said that they prefer their men to wear leather shoes. This can improve the outlook and the personality of an individual. It is also best to check whether the shoes match up with the clothes a man is wearing.

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