Cruel Ways Women use to Torture Men

Sometimes, women can be cruel to their men for no apparent reason. Men are often confused when women treat them cruelly and do not know what to do about it. If a man can gain insight into the ways women torture men, he may be able to handle it better. Here are some ways women torture men.

  • By not answering your calls:
    Women often play hard to get by not answering your calls. This may be a tactic women use to show their power over men. Not answering phone calls is usually done in the beginning of a relationship, but it can be used at any time to show women’s power over men.
  • Manipulate Men Emotionally:
    Women may express their anger by trying to manipulate the emotions of a man. Women can appeal to the sensitive side of a man in order to manipulate him emotionally. Emotional manipulation is torture to a man because he feels powerless over his feelings.
  • By Whining and Criticizing:
    Women can make the life of a man a living hell by constant whining and criticizing. Women may whine and criticize in order to get back at their partner for something, but it is very annoying and tormenting to a man.
  • Flirt with other Men:
    Another way in which women show cruelty to their men is by flirting with other men. Women know the amount of jealousy or envy a man goes through when they flirt with other men. Women often flirt to get back at their men and some women gain a sense of value and power when other men take interest in them.
  • Praise other Men:
    Men do not like it when their women praise other men in front of them. A lot of women use this strategy in order to get back at their men. Praising other men can invoke a lot of jealousy and anger, which is usually the woman’s goal.

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