Does Being Fat make a Man to be Unattractive?

Does Being Fat make a Man to be Unattractive?

People are flocking into the Gymnasiums in order to make themselves fit and strong. Although most of the people get into the workout routines in order to have a better fitness levels. But, people who are not fond of fitness or exercising need not be disheartened at all.

Most of the attraction in a man rests in the way he carries himself. Due to the Image of perfection, many men are flocking the gyms to get physically fit.

What do Women think of Men who are Overweight?

Women do prefer their men to have a good physique. But, one has to remember that it is not the only factor for that women look for. A lot of women look at the security aspect of a relationship. Men with great bodies may ten to be more flirty and infidel. This aspect can often be a turn off for women who are looking for a secure and long term relationship.

If a man can provide a women with a secure relationship, he is bound to attract many women. Irrespective of the weight issues a man can definitely attract a woman if he can win her trust.

What are the qualities which over weight men must bank on?

A man who has weight issues must always bank on other qualities which can help him to be a hit with women. Some of the qualities can be outlined as follows

Sense of Humor

If you can make a woman to laugh, you may be on the way of winning her heart. Humor and entertainment can be one of the best ways to attract women. A lot of men tend to win the heart of a woman based on the entertainment factor they can add into her life. This is one of the best weapons a man who is over weight can use to attract to women

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  1. Fat men need not despair! The ultimate turn on for women is SELF CONFIDENCE (something you are not necessarily born with……but thats another story). If you are self confident with your excess kilos/pounds then it is not such a problem. However is your weight is a problem to you , it will likely be a problem to your women.
    I think its a great idea to list what your perfect women is like………and then see how YOU stack to that list!

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