5 Worse reasons to get Married

5 Worse reasons to get Married

There are a lot of people who are on the thinking terms of getting married. Whether the reasons they have thought for getting married are genuine or not, one has to be really sure of it.

Here we Present to 5 Worse reasons for a Man to get Married

To Please Your Parents

Some people tend to get married only to please their parents. Although the troubles and the tribulations after they are married can be inevitable. One has be really sure whether one really likes the girl to be his partner to marry her.

She is Pressurizing You

The next worse reason for a man to get married is because she is pressurizing you to get married to her. If one marries a woman due to her constant pressure or black mailing, one really may not have a happy marriage.

Because she is a Nice Girl

The next worse reason for a man to get married is by thinking the this woman is really nice. A man must be sure about his feelings for her and not marry her for being a nice woman. One can also check for the other factors such as her ability to take care of a family or the emotional support she can provide you with in order to marry her.

She is Having Your Baby

This can be a tough situation to confront upon. But, a man must be sure and confident about spending the rest of his life with the woman who is having his baby.

Because she is Physically Hot

The physical factor sure is important but not as a reason for getting married. Most of the men today marry women for the attraction factor. Very often than not these marriages do not work. One has to see the compatibility factor they have between each other rather than going for the looks to get married.

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