Relaxation Techniques to Counter Anxiety

Relaxation Techniques to Counter Anxiety:

The symptoms or the feelings of anxiety can be hard for any person to endure. A lot of people today tend to suffer from high anxiety levels. To counter the symptoms and level of anxiety in an individual, it is important for him to master the art of relaxation. Medications to counter the levels of anxiety in an individual can provide only a temporary relief.

One must learn to relax his mind and body totally in order to relieve himself of anxiety. There are many methods available which help to counter the anxiety levels in an individual. One must take one’s time out and master these techniques in order to increase one’s productivity at work and also get rid of one’s anxiety.

Some of the Relaxation Techniques To Counter Anxiety can Be Outlined as Follows:

  • Progressive Relaxation Technique

  • The method of progressive relaxation is about relaxing each muscle, tissue and nerves in a systematic way. One can start the technique of relaxation right from the top of the head going slowly part by till he reaches the tip of the toe. This technique helps a person to lower his levels of stress and also helps to counter his anxiety.

  • Auto Suggestion

  • This method is about giving subliminal suggestions oneself. A person uses positive words and in order to relax himself and lower the levels of anxiety in him. There are many positive words or phrases one can use to relax oneself. Some of them can be outlined as follows
    “I am totally relaxed and at peace with myself” , “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” There are many phrases as such available to relax oneself why not make the best use of them and counter anxiety.

  • Counting Breath

  • The other method which is helpful in relaxing oneself and to counter anxiety is known as counting the breath technique. Here a person must count his out going breath. One can count one’s out going breath to a maximum number of 4 than start form 1 again. This is done so that one does not get confused in remembering the previous numbers.

  • Sleep or Yoga-nidra

  • Sleep can counter the anxiety levels of an individual in the best possible way. There is a method known as yoga-nidra where a person is made to sleep for about 20 minutes completely relaxing himself and then he wakes up completely refreshed and revived back to normal. One can know more about this technique at the nearest yoga center available.

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