What are the Bad Habits Which Cause the Downfall of Man?

What are the Bad Habits Which Cause the Downfall of Man?

A man in course of his life can develop a lot positive and negative habits. As the positive habits of him help him to increase the productivity of life, so do the negative habits lead to his downfall.

A man must be very careful about the habits he develops consciously or unconsciously. There are many bad habits which men get into which often lead to their downfall.

What are these Habits and How do they cause the Downfall of a Man?

There are many habits of a man which can be categorised as the bad and which lead to his downfall. These habits not only effect the life of an individual but also have the power destroy his life. However, it is best to be aware of these habits and one must work to get rid of them.

Some of the Bad Habits which lead to the Downfall of a Man can be outlined as follows:

  • Womanising:

  • One of the highest damage a man can do in his life is by chasing other women. Some men spend a lot of energy, money and time in chasing women and in flirting with them. Most of men end up either alone or lonely after their hunt for women is finished. A person may face of a lot of heart breaks and emotional turmoil in his fascination towards womanising.

  • Drugs and Doping:

  • Drugs can start as something which is fun and also gives an instant high. A lot of people specially the younger one’s are completely unaware of the serious side effects of doping and snorting. Drug have the potential to damage the normal functioning of the mind and the body of a person sometimes leading to insanity.

  • Sadism:

  • There are a lot of men who enjoy the feelings of sadism. Although this is just a psychological disorder which can be eliminated, one must be careful of their sadism. Some men can derive lot of ill pleasure in punishing themselves and also others. This can make a man to get isolated from all those around him.

  • Negative attitude:

  • So many people prefer to believe in the worst that could happen rather than believing in the good. This negative or the pessimistic attitude can only make the worst to happen. This negative attitude is developed due to lack of belief or confidence which leads to a man’s downfall.

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