What makes the Blonde Women to be so Attractive?

The idea that men are attracted to blondes has been around for a long time. While not all men prefer blondes, there are a lot of men who find blonde women more attractive than women with other hair colors. Why do men seem to have an affinity towards blonde women?

What makes blonde women so attractive to men?
Blondes’ traits and mannerisms can be very appealing. It’s not just the golden hair that makes a woman “blonde;” it is her traits and mannerisms which men find attractive and adorable. Here there are some of the traits which tend to make a blonde woman attractive and highly irresistible:

The “Dumb Blonde”
Blondes have a reputation of being dumb, even though that is not necessarily the case. Some men are attracted to “dumb” women because they feel smarter and more able to take care of their girlfriends. It boosts the male ego to think that they are superior to their woman. “Dumb” can also come across as innocent and naïve. Beautiful women with innocent mannerisms and traits can attract the attention of a man quickly.

Blondes are beautiful
Most blondes tend to take care of their beauty and physical appearance. They are one of the most regular visitors of beauty salons. This suggests that they put a lot of time and care into being physically appealing. Most men today seem to choose beauty over brains.

It is easy to convince them
Blondes have a reputation of being gullible and convinced easily. Some men think it is a lot easier to convince a blonde woman compared to other women.

These are some of the reasons that explain what makes blonde women so attractive and why men seem to be so fond of them.

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