Who are the Emotionally Unavailable Men?

Who are the Emotionally Unavailable Men?

This are the terms women use to describe some of the men they are in relationship with. These men can be described as people who refuse to get emotionally involved with a woman. Women tend to believe that they can transform their men into the one’s who can be emotionally active and supportive. But, most of the times this may not turn out to be the way in which women expect.

Stubbornness in expressing their Emotions

Most of the men today may be stubborn about expressing their emotional feelings to their women. Women when they are with these emotionally unavailable men can may find their involvement just physical. Emotionally unavailable men can be scared of commitment. They drop in and out of many relationships from time to time.

They are Confused about what they want in Relationships

Emotionally unavailable men may often be confused about what they want in their relationships. They can sometimes be double minded about many things in life. They might look serious about the relationship they have with and you and the very next moment they can change their mind about it.

Sometimes, women tend to get carried away thinking that they can transform their men. Women can be there for these emotionally unavailable men, doing everything they can to wine their trust and attention. But, very often than not the results are not positive.

Scared of Commitments

One of the biggest reasons for men to be emotionally unavailable can be because of the commitment factor. Most of the men today seem to enjoy relationships with no strings attached. They are scared of taking the responsibility of each other. Although, in spite of the relationships they have they always tend to feel insecure most of the time. In spite of doing all things to win the love and affection of her man, women end up dumping these emotionally unavailable men. Just the physical presence may help in having meaningful relationships.

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