How Does One Maintain Intimacy in Relationships?

How Does One Maintain Intimacy in Relationships?

A lot of people today are losing out on the intimacy factor in their relationships. Intimacy can be one of the most important factors that can keep the excitement alive in relationships. Why are the people losing out on their intimacy in their relationships? One of the most important reason which can explain why people are losing out on their intimacy is due to the lack of time.

People today hardly have any time to cherish the relationships they have with each other. They keeping themselves busy or engaged in their work or in their office meetings, which can only lead to loss of intimacy in their relationships.

What must one do to maintain intimacy in relationships?

One of the biggest factor that is missing in relationships today is time. There are a lot of people who complain about the lack of time they have in giving importance and cherishing their relationships. Once an individual is able to cater the time to his relationships he is very much on the way of having better chances of intimacy.

Here are some of the ways in which an individual can revive intimacy in relationships

Respect each other

Most of the relationships today are missing respect. Couples today hardly have any respect for each other. Most of the couples today choice to spend their time whining and complaining rather than cherishing each others presence. Once an individual learns to respect and value the presence of his beloved, he has a brighter chance of developing intimacy in his relationships.

Take time out

A man must give his time to a woman. Women tend to get annoyed of the relentless calls men have to take when they are spending time with them. Every man must give his time to woman and must make sure that there are no interruptions to it.

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