How to Choose the Perfect Perfume for Men

When you get ready to go out, after getting dress, there is only one thing to do is put perfume. But it cannot be any perfume. For every person in the world, there are different kind of perfumes. All you have to do is choose the right one for yourself. And in this article we give some advice about how to choose perfect perfume for men.

Ways to Choose and Apply the Perfume for Men

First of all, while buying a perfume, you should choose a perfume which is good for the time and the event. Don’t try more than three different perfume at the same time. If you do that , you will not be able to get different smells. And it may cause to buy a perfume that you don’t like later.

Don’t decide by smelling from the bottle. The real smell shows up when it touchs to your body. Apply it to your wrist and wait for ten minutes. Then you can learn if it is the right one for you.

After that you can apply it. But the most important thing to know is the quantity of perfume. If you put more than necessary, you can have a bad image. Only apply enough for people around you to smell. After the tips about how to choose a perfect perfume , it is helpful to mention how and where to apply.

Tips to Have a Permanent Smell

In order to do so, you should exactly know where to apply the perfume. Ideal places to apply are; behind of ears, neck, wrists and between chests. The veins in this areas make the smell distribute in every heartbeat. You should apply it from 15 cm. distance and let it dry itself.

To have a beautiful perfume for all the time, you should how to keep it as well. Don’t forget to keep it in cool and closed places like drawer. Because the sunlight, high temperature and humidity can ruin the chemical structure of perfume.

With the tips about how to choose the perfect perfume for men, you do not have any difficulties buying one. And if you follow the tips about how to apply and keep it, you can get the right quantity in the right part of your body.

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